Wet Basement / Crawlspace Seal


wet basement

Whatever the make of your basement walls – stone, block or poured concrete – our specialized process of water removal and containment to the outdoors keeps your basement dry year after year, even in heavy rain areas or times.  We have seen it all and know how much damage to your home, health and possessions water can cause.  The basement walls are an extension of the foundation of your home. It is critical for it to be leak free and strong for many years to come.

Depend on our basement specialists to design a system specific to the problem you are having with your basement rather than a general repair that may or may not repair the problem permanently.  Other systems work most of the time.  Ours works all of the time.  It will never clog or require extensive maintenance.  Don’t depend on something that might work.

More than likely if you are reading this you have a crawlspace that is musty smelling, full of bugs, spider webs, mold and wet dirt. 

One of the great mistakes in the home building code is the vented crawlspace.  The original theory in venting the crawlspace was the ventilation would keep the crawlspace dry by creating an air flow that could travel through the space on one side and out the other.  Seemed to make sense, except they didn’t think about the stack effect of a home.  From the picture below you can see how air naturally moves through the house (this is the stack effect).  The air flows through the vents and from the ground, up through the unsealed mechanical penetrations and framing cracks and exits through the attic.  Another ill effect from the vented crawlspace is in the summer, especially in the South, hot humid air moves through to the dark cool air in the crawl space and creates condensation, keeping everything damp and creating mold.  In the winter it is much simpler – the floors of your first level stay very cold!


Heimler's Crawl Space Seal System is the answer.
Sealing the crawlspace from the earth and outside air is the solution to moisture and dampness in the home.  Some contractors and homeowners will simply put down a thin, non-UV-resistant plastic liner.  This really has no effect as there's still too much opportunity for air to enter and can come through
crawl space doors or hatches, crawlspace vents, pipe penetrations, porous concrete walls, the hollow cores of blocks,
and various other gaps and holes.  Our Crawlspace Seal System is the solution to clean, spring time fresh, healthy air in your home. 

stack effect visual

Is Crawl Space Moisture Bad?

The moisture created by condensate and foundation leakage mentioned above leads to mold growth, musty odors, and structural damage, not to mention that insects and rodents love this environment and energy costs are higher while the level of comfort in your home is lower.  Moisture ruins houses by providing an environment for mold, fungi, and insects that destroy wood framing.  Crawl space moisture, mold and mildew affect not only the floor system directly above, but also the entire house (remember the stack effect).

A crawlspace should be completely sealed and isolated from the ground and the humid outside air.  Our Crawlspace Seal System involves installing a 20-mil 7-ply sandwich of high and low-density polyethylene with polyester-cord reinforcement on the dirt or concrete floor, that is fastened to the walls and piers.  This extra-heavy reinforced lining is made especially for our system and protects against mold and mildew growth under the crawlspace liner.

Lower energy bills, resulting from reduced crawlspace humidity, translate into comfort and savings year after year.  Our Crawlspace Seal System is tough enough for service people to crawl on and safe enough for storage. Being bright white, the liner really brightens a crawlspace too, making it a relatively pleasant storage place.   You can easily store anything you wish, since it is now a controlled, low humidity environment.  Call Today!  One of our crawlspace experts can design a system that is specific to your problems at a very reasonable cost.


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