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Read comments from some of our satisfied customers below, and if you're already a customer, please let us know what you thought of our service.

Quality Work by True Professionals
We were extremely impressed by the professional staff at Heimler. They were timely, courteous and very professional in providing top quality services that were very reasonably priced. We will not hesitate to refer them to our friends and acquaintances and most definitely will use them again.

—George N., Dunwoody

Outstanding Results
We contacted Heimler Heating, Cooling & Plumbing to come check out our HVAC system because we were having hot and cold spots in the house and thought our unit might be on its way out. The air in the house was never truly comfortable. When they came to inspect our system the diagnosis was that the system was in great shape, but our homes performance was not. They suggested a Home Performance assessment. Their team was very knowledgeable in their field and found many areas that we were just pumping our heating and cooling dollars into the attic. Our duct system was not sealed well and we were also pulling dust and insulation from the attic through the returns and sending it back into the house. Unknowingly, we were breathing it. We have children with severe allergies and this was certainly a big concern for us. We contracted to have the attic air sealed, the filter upgraded and the ductwork sealed. Being a construction professional, I was a little skeptical at first but we started to see major improvements almost immediately. The house became much quieter, there was much less dust (which my wife loved) and we now have comfortable, even air temperature throughout the home. A special bonus was that our kids weren't getting the allergy-related symptoms as severe as in the past, and our utility bills are lower. We recommend Heimler highly.

—Jesse M., Canton

Quick response!

After 3 service calls (by unnamed repair company) in 2 years on my 3 new Rheem units, I decided to change tactics. I checked kudzu.com and read all the reviews and was impressed by one in particular, Heimler. Feeling hopeful, I called and spoke to Addie who took down all my info and relayed the call to Joe. Within a few hours, Joe was at my door! He presented well, was professional, personable, and made a diagnostic evaluation of my problem, namely central units that kept freezing up. Joe gave me an estimate which I found quite reasonable and he made arrangements to bring a crew out the next day. Jim, Manuel, and Joe returned on time the next day as promised and completed all repairs that day, again, as promised. All were courteous, neat (they wore shoe covers!!), and completely professional. I highly recommend Heimler for your heating cooling and plumbing repairs. I will never use anyone else!!!

—K. Hooper, Atlanta

Great comprehensive HVAC service
Soon after buying our first home, we found that we needed a new heating and a/c system. We obtained 6 quotes, but only the Heimler representative inspected the system thoroughly enough to find additional, potentially dangerous flaws in our current system that needed immediate attention (e.g. perforated furnace flue) and were contributing to poor heating and cooling (e.g. incorrectly sized and leaky duct-work). Because of these additional issues, Heimler's quote was somewhat more expensive than all but one other company, but I am convinced that it was worth every penny to finally have the HVAC system "right." Heimler representatives were on time, after calling ahead, for every appointment we've had, and each representative has treated us with courtesy and respect. They successfully replaced our furnace and air conditioner, and when the equipment manufacturer accidentally shipped a more efficient, more expensive system than what we ordered, Heimler absorbed the extra cost of that "better" system without extra charge to us to ensure that everything was done by the date promised. We are very satisfied with the services provided by Heimler. They don't have the lowest rock-bottom prices in the heating and cooling business, but their work and customer service is top notch, and we will remain loyal customers for years to come.

—Jim E., Alpharetta

Best in Town
If you are looking for an honest company with great customer service, Heimler is the company you need to call. I am 25 years old and my wife and I have had some bad luck when it comes to getting honest and good people coming out to our house. We have been taken advantage of many times by several companies in the past and dreaded calling another to possibly come out and do the same thing to us. It was really nice to have someone come out that I truly trusted and that had our best interest in mind. It is nice to know that there are still good people and fair companies out there not wanting to only take your money. Thank you Heimler Heating Cooling and Plumbing for helping my wife and I. We appreciate it and will be doing business with you in the future.

—Jim and Elise M, Hickory Flat

We've talked to 'em all and the Heimler Team is the best!
Our HVAC system and water heater were nearing end of life. We bid with four different contractors including the largest do it yourself retail chain. Heimler was less expensive and quoted a better system. There service personnel used the surgical footies in the house as well as put down butcher paper to protect our floors. After the unit was in, we had excess noise coming from the unit. Big problem right - that's what the premium priced guys said - wrong. The owner came out personally to fix the problem within two days! Can't get that with the big guys.

—Thomas B.,Kennesaw

They know their stuff!
In living over two years in our house we consistently noticed the heating and cooling system running more than it ought to in order to keep up with the thermostat even though we're quite conservative with the settings. Our utility bills were quite high.

We heard about the Heimler Home Performance Evaluation on TV and made an appointment. There was very little insulation in our attic which caused much of our heated/cooled air to escape right through the roof. They also pointed out that our crawl space was vented to the outside air and was pulling in unconditioned air and was causing mold in the summer and cold floors in the winter. Also, our air filtration and ductwork system was in shambles, pulling in dust, dirt and mold from the crawlspace.

We hired Heimler to do the work which included: sealing and insulating the attic , encapsulating the crawlspace (a complete seal) and updated our filtration and ductwork system. We have noticed tremendous differences. We are comfortable!

Our system runs half the amount it used to, the house is quieter inside, there is far less dust in the house, my allergies have subsided (I haven't had a sneeze attack in weeks), we have seen a significant decrease in our utilities and we are able to store our valuables in the crawlspace with no fear of mold or damage from dampness. In 5 days, they never left a mess.

We can't recommend Heimler and their Home Performance work highly enough.

—L. Stevens - Alpharetta

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