Health, Comfort and Energy Saving Solutions

Heimler's Health, Comfort and Energy Saving Solutions is a result of merging green building science, heating and air conditioning, indoor air quality, and the repair of your home's structural leaks into an integrated system that addresses the whole house as a system. How the thermal envelope (walls, roof, foundation) of the house interacts with the heating and cooling system is critical for true comfort and low utility costs. From the ground around your foundation to the peak of the roof, our emphasis is on reducing energy consumption and creating a healthy environment in your home.

Originally, building science and home performance research was started during the energy crisis of the 70's. Princeton University led the way and designed a process that can be used to measure the air tightness of a structure. The researchers at Princeton found air movement into and out of homes and called it infiltration (air in) and exfiltration (air out). Think of your home as a bellows. Your home expands and contracts as air moved in and out of it.  They found a direct correlation between uncontrolled air movement (drafts) into and out of homes and extreme energy expenses.

Unwanted air movement, dust, allergy symptoms and uneven air temperatures throughout a house is a combination of poor design and construction, unsealed mechanical penetrations, and/or leaking and poorly installed air distribution systems (ductwork) which create multiple problems. The homeowner sees these problems as mold, dust and high utility costs without being comfortable. Homeowners seem conditioned to excessive energy costs and don't know that they could improve their environment for less utility cost. We are getting reports of up to 50% savings in utility costs with Heimler's Health, Comfort and Energy Saving Solutions!

Make It Tight

The air movement into and out of a structure is stopped by what we call the Pressure Boundary (the sealed floors, ceilings, and walls of your home that meet the outside, attic or crawlspace). We identify the air leakage sites in the pressure boundary. We can design a plan of action to make needed repairs.

Insulate It Right

The Thermal Boundary (the insulated floors, ceilings, and walls of your home) should coincide with the sealed Pressure Boundary mentioned above. We identify insulation problems and provide solutions as well. Keep in mind, The U.S. Department of Energy (USDOE) had determined that 60% of the home's energy is lost due to improper sealing and insulation.


Every home needs fresh air infiltration (or air changes) and the standard has been established by the United States Department of Energy (USDOE). We can test and advise on the needed amount. There is good infiltration and bad infiltration. Good infiltration is good clean air that comes in around windows and doors naturally. Bad infiltration is what comes from the crawl space and attic causing dust, mold, allergy symptoms and hot or cold spots in your home.


When your home is improperly sealed, every cubic foot inside contains many of the allergens that cause health problems. Your comfort depends on lowering the amount of these allergens in the air. Our whole house high efficiency air filters, purifiers and humidifiers will help you live more comfortably in your home.


Although your air conditioning system dehumidifies the air, when the thermostat cycles off, dehumidification stops so you start feeling sticky until the air conditioner comes back on. A simple installation of a dedicated dehumidifier will make your home very comfortable in the summer months. Many times in milder warm weather you can run the dehumidifier only and be totally comfortable. Also, a dehumidifier in your crawlspace stops mold spores from forming!

The Components of a Health, Comfort and Energy Saving Solutions Home:

  • Properly sealed Pressure Boundary.
  • Properly insulated Thermal Boundary.
  • Heating and cooling system ductwork sealed and insulated.
  • Clean heating system.
  • Clean cooling system.
  • Air Filtration and Purification.
  • Moisture Levels (humidify in winter or dehumidify in summer)
  • Sound Levels (cellulose insulation deadens sound)
  • Attached unheated spaces (garage, storage rooms, etc.) sealed and/or insulated from home.


We are specially trained to help you with these problems in your home. You will be on the way to real comfort, and it will cost less to achieve it. The United States government is doing its part to help you be more green in your home and to reduce your carbon footprint. Through 2010, you receive a tax incentive of 30% off home performance repairs up to $1,500. Combine this with our reasonable repair costs and you are on your way to real health, comfort and energy savings in your home. Heimler's Health, Comfort and Energy Saving Solutions sets the standard for providing the whole house solution. Our focus is providing you top quality service and repairs by making sure all of your home performance, plumbing, electrical and heating and cooling systems are running efficiently and smoothly.

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